Zia was created by my passion for design, arts and jewelry. After giving birth to our beautiful daughter Thia my priorities changed. I want my daughter to believe she can do anything she sets her mind to and shows up and works hard for.  While pregnant I went on a silent retreat and I was extremely worried about passing down shame and low esteem from generations past and present.


The Swami told me: “Children learn not by how we treat them but by watching how we treat ourselves.”


That very moment I vowed to make a change to do something different and to rewire the paths in my brain and soul.


Doubt and shame were the needle that etched the groove in my mind creating a broken record of low esteem and paralyzing fear. The patterns created have taken much time and constant practice, compassion, research, rest and reflection to change. Most important lessons for me has come from making mistakes. Many Mistakes. I love you mistakes.


Letting go of keeping up with what others are doing or trying to fit in and picking up the courage to create a company I believe in and doing something I love and am passionate about. A Company who cares about all souls and our universe and believes in laying down competition and picking up compassion. Zia believes that there is more than enough to go around and the more we give the more we receive.


My biggest business goal is to pass down to my daughter the knowing that business doesn’t have to be competitive, cut throat, selfish or any of the things that most, big businesses do. No need to rape and pillage our universe or harm anyone or anything for ego and greed.


Everything from Zia is made from my two little hands in the beautiful Santa Cruz Mountains. I recycle, repurpose and ethically sustainably source all minerals and metals.


I spend several hours on each piece. I solder, forge, saw, bezel set, polish, drill and even mine for some of my gems myself.


I believe in You, the Universe, Zia, all that is love and I believe in Myself.


Let’s create a world Lennon Imagined and shelter from the storm Dylan sang of.


Love, Peace, Hugs, Kisses, Light